Lionel Messi


‘The best decisions aren’t made with your mind, but your insticts.’

New self-promotional piece.


The Grocer


New illustration for the Grocer, refurbishing the white van!


Portrait Commission


This was a private commission, given as a 70th birthday gift to the subject himself, cartoonist Andy Hammond. I have known Andy a long time, and this is how I remember him when I was growing up, working in his studio. Andy has long been a fan of Norman Rockwell, and it was decided that influence could be taken from Rockwell's work by sitting the subject on a plain white background. I was very pleased with the result of the image, largely drawn in pencil crayon, with a water colour wash behind.


Marietta College Magazine


A recent commission has seen me produce a couple of illustrations for the winter issue of Marietta College magazine in the States. The theme of the issue was the economic impact the college has on local economy, with particular focus on alumni and their input when they remain in the area post graduation. The cover illustration was to depict a few students meeting outside a well known restaurant/hotel, on their way to a college sporting event. 


Wilkinson Sword


Part of a much broader campaign, I developed this simple interactive gameplay visual for Wilkinson Sword. The idea being to navigate a canoeist along an ‘Amazon’ type-river, avoiding hazards encountered along the way.


Air Berlin


An illustration carried out for inflight Air Berlin magazine.


Riegler, Germany


A new commission out of Germany saw me creating four new Artworks for compressed air and pneumatics company ‘Riegler’. The illustrations are to be used as part of their brand identity and corporate design. Each image will be placed alongside a unique customer promise, from the pneumatics company.


Tulip Packaging


Some more vegetable illustrations produced for the food brand Tulip, to be used within some Paté/spread type product packaging.


The Grocer Magazine


Illustration for the Grocer magazine to accompany an article about how independent shops are defending themselves against the multi-national conglomerates on our High Streets.


The Gap Partnership magazine


This set of nine illustrations were produced to accompany a magazine article entitled 'The Art of the Flinch'. The drawings were used to convey the different methods and tactics sometimes deployed during business negotiations. These included peering over spectacles, laughing at propositions, creating an uncomfortable silence, and so on.


Knowsley Safari Park


Knowsley Safari Park asked me to produce a visualisation illustration of their new 'tiger enclosure' viewing platform and path. I worked from plans and pre-construction photographs of the site to create an image that captures the appearance and atmosphere of this new area of the park.


Porsche Magazine


These illustrations were commissioned by Porsche magazine, to accompany a short story about a group of five friends who were travelling around New Zealand in a Panamera, trying seven extreme sports in seven days. The illustrations reflect the fluidity and movement within the activities and appear as if created in a travel journal, during the course of the week.


Interior Flight Magazine


New cover and spread illustration for Interior Flight Magazine. Art Direction: Anna Davie


euromoney magazine

The Chief Executive of HSBC is stepping down, so Euromoney magazine decided to run an article about Stuart Gulliver, and the way in which he has transformed the bank 'into the jewel it always should have been'. This illustration was commissioned to run alongside.


Reader's Digest


Recent cover illustration for Reader's Digest magazine, relating to an article about ancient woodlands and how the trees appear to function as social species.


Tulip Spread

Some recent food-based illustrations for some pate/spreads. Unfortunately, I haven't received any images of the drawings in context but will try and put some up in the not-too-distant future.


Reader's Digest

New illustration for the Olly Mann's article in Reader's Digest magazine.


The Grocer

New illustration for the Grocer magazine, ahead of the Olympics in Rio, for a feature was on sponsorship within sport. Art Direction: Stuart Milligan.